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Making Love After Midnight

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MD 83   Bi G K was / is a band comprised of 2 friends - Michael Troutman (Weirding Module, Awesome Color, Violent Ramp, etc) and myself, Colin Langenus. Being buddys and DIY guys, we knew that the best way to hang out was to start a band.  We made 3 tapes over a couple years - 2007 or so, not sure, it's a blur. Taking inspiration from early Wolf Eyes, Shuggie Otis, and Rupert Holmes, we'd come up with a simple joke, in a Michigan fashion, and then hammer on it. In retrospect it blows my mind that on top
of all the other musical things we were up to then we took the time to do this but we were good and we were having a blast. It's all we could do. The 3 incredible tapes are: Live At Tommys Tavern - originally a split with Monogamous Octopus Making Love After Midnight - which came in a purse and Strawberry Island - a Shuggie Otis tribute You won't be sorry  MASS DIST



Making Love After Midnight
01. Bi G K - Track 01 00:02:38
02. Bi G K - Track 02 00:04:00
03. Bi G K - Track 03 00:04:50
04. Bi G K - Track 04 00:06:26
05. Bi G K - Track 05 00:03:23
06. Bi G K - Track 06 00:02:28
07. Bi G K - Track 07 00:05:44
UPLOADED: 01/05/2018
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