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Superlow (Vault Vol. II Remaster) by Benji Cossa

Album Description

Producer: Benji Cossa
BENJI COSSA Favorites 01: Sebastian Blanck Beloved visual artist, singer / songwriter, and old pal Sebastian Blank curates his ultimate Benji Cossa mix tape. Sebastian's latest album Alibi Coastis out now on Rare Book Room Records and was produced by Nicolas Vernhes. Learn all about Sebastian at his website:
"I love doing this sort of thing. Here are some of my all time Benji favorites. I haven't heard Motor Crush in so long but it has always been a song I love since first hearing it way back when. I know there are some other classics out there that I can't think of but I think list rocks and breaks my heart at the same time. Can't wait to hear the new double record." -Sebastian Blanck This is the first in an onslaught of free Benji Cossa mixtapes called Favorites, each one curated by a close Cossa compatriot. Dudes such as Eric Copeland (Black Dice), Daniel Strange, Devin Flynn (Pixeltan), Mrs. Cossa, Kaufman-Nero and many many more have contributed. The first out of the gates looks like it’s going to be from beloved visual artist and singer-songwriter Sebastian Blank who has put together a record that stands as perhaps the best available Cossa-neophyte's one-stop-shop. While these mixes will serve as series of Greatest Hits collections, we are taking pains to dig deep for sweet alternate versions and vault chum to keep it interesting for the fans, but still geared towards newbies. And everything is remastered and sounding better than ever. You’ll be able to download these mixtapes from WFMU’s Free Music Archive or on Bandcamp or straight from our website. We also are going to let you elect to pay for them through standard distribution channels (iTunes, Amazon, etc) if you are a very nice person and would like to contribute to what we do. If you would like to get a physical item in exchange for your supportive dollars, these mixes will all be available as cassettes. 1. Motorcrush (Cossacabana Version) -Providence 4-track all Cossa 2. Superlow (Vault Vol II) - NY 1 w/ Devin 4 - track 3. Indian Princess (The Tightens) - Serious Business 4. You Love the Way I Love You (Vault Vol II) - NY1 - all Cossa 4 -Track 5. The Show is Over Everywhere (Solo Magic Shop Version) - Matt Boynton NY2 6. Bonafide American Dudes (Vault Vol II) - NY1 4-track all COssa 7. Sunset (Alternate Mix, Between the Blue and the Green) -w/Josh NY2 8. No Tomorrow (Solo Magic Shop Version) - Matt Boynton Lost Years 9. uh-Huh (Solo Version) 10. Who Took the Rebels (Vault Vol. I) - Sacramento - all Cossa 4 track IF YOU LIKE THIS RECORD YOU SHOULD BUY SOME OF BENJI'S MUSIC.



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