Ben Seretan

Ben Seretan grew up in California, went to Wesleyan University in Connecticut, and now lives in Brooklyn. He plays the…

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Live On WFMU's Airborne Event with Dan Bodah - June 24, 2013 2013 - Album
Ben Seretan is a Brooklyn-based drone musician focused on joy. He plays electric guitar, sings, and makes "long music" in…


clan Tierra Sep 29, 2022

I connected your music with link back here in our emission clan Tierra Report II I hope you like it! We work to protect nature and human being. Here the link: Best wishes from Here, Alicante, Spain clan Tierra...

Daniela22 Oct 08, 2015

Awesome! If you want to read our column of ben seretan

Hello! My name is Edgar Nunez and I am an aspiring filmmaker. Recently, I made a short movie about Mars and was trying to find a suitable songs to fit to mood. When I came across "I saw the light",...

solrezza Mar 20, 2013

Excellent work!