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 Ben McElroy (2 Albums, 9 Tracks)


LOCATION:Nottingham, Britain (UK)
ACTIVE:2006 - 2020
  • Ben McElroy
  • The Four Fishermen
  • Mucus Mules
  • Howling Buddha
  • Seas of Mirth
I like to offer my stuff for projects for free, but if you like my stuff and find it useful maybe you could buy it over at my Bandcamp page for whatever price you feel is right? Many thanks! If you want to use any of my pieces for
a commercial project get in touch with  Music Vine- I am also available for commisions and editing work -email me! My finished work will end up here at some point but you can listen to some more stuff in a slighttly more haphazard format at my soundcloud page:   Thank you! Ben

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