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Ben Holmes
Patrick Farrell
LOCATION:Brooklyn, NY 11233
Trumpet player Ben Holmes is based Brooklyn, New York. He performs regularly as a sideman with ensembles including Slavic Soul Party!, Justin Mullen's Delphian Jazz Orchestra, Cynthia Hopkins, the Stagger Back Brass Band, Romashka, and One Ring Zero. He leads his own trio, performing original music, seeking to mingle the melodic and rhythmic turns particular to the folk music of Eastern Europe and the Middle East with the improvisational spontaneity and harmonic openness of jazz. - All About JazzPatrick Farrell is a Brooklyn, NY based accordionist, brass fanatic, composer and bandleader who has been described as a “wizard” by Feast
of Music and as a player of “mordant wit and blistering speed” by Lucid Culture. An open-eared approach and consistent curiosity about music have led him to study and perform in an ever-expanding variety of musical fields, including collaborations in theater, dance and spoken word.