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New New Song (Demo) by Beme Seed

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Producer: Beme Seed
The demos for Beme Seed's 2nd Album were recorded on 8 Track at Giant Studios on 14th St in Manhattan in Spring 1990 with the lineup of Michael Albin on guitar, Kenny Savelson drums, Bob Barrett bass and Kathleen Lynch vocals.  "All Souls" and "Old New Song" made it onto
the LP practically uchanged, and New New Song was released on Beme Seeds 3rd LP, Purify in 1992 under the revised title "Inner Life is Calling".  D Loop Jam, here just a fragment of its original 10+ minute length was often performed live but never made it to an album. The full length may still exist-we are looking. Thanks to Terry Tolkin at No. 6 Records.  These recordings remastered from a cassette copy by Bob Barrett.  Tracks ©1990, 2014 by Beme Seed.



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