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 Bebe Fang (1 Albums, 7 Tracks)


LOCATION:Friesland, Netherlands
  • Keimpe Koldijk
  • Berber Visser
Remember that time Jason Kuperschmidt told you morning glory seeds would get you high so you ate a handful of them? But you later found out it was really a handful of belladonna and you passed out on the couch? As you woke to your Cocker Spaniel puppy licking your
face, you were enveloped by the warm cathode-ray glow of a vampire movie flickering in black and white and the smell of cinnamon buns and absinthe, while your ears tried to make sense of the fact that your brother had put on an album of whale sounds AND a muddy Kraftwerk tape, and you felt the warmth in your chest spread slowly through your body? Seriously, remember that time? Apparently Bebe Fang was there too, because that's how they sound. -- DJ Keili


Radio Program

Live at WFMU on Beastin' The Airwaves! with Keili
01. Bebe Fang - Walk 00:03:17
02. Bebe Fang - Dirt 00:05:45
03. Bebe Fang - Ocean 00:03:25
04. Bebe Fang - Work 00:03:51
05. Bebe Fang - One Ear 00:03:47
06. Bebe Fang - Nature's Cry 00:03:39
07. Bebe Fang - Lights 00:02:26