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Beans & Bullets were formed in 2012 after the split of the band - Kŕdeľ Divých Adamov (2006 – 2011) in Trnava, Slovakia. Long-term music partners and founding members Michal Mandák (guitar) and Jakub Daniš (vocal and harmonica) were looking for a new members for a forming new band and Peter Mikušek (drums) was exactly what they were looking for. Peter is a former member of rock band - Downhill. The band ended up with three members in the line-up: guitar-harmonica/vocal-drums. Their roots and inspirations are coming out mainly from blues, but their repertory contains also other music genres (rock, metal, etc). Beans & Bullets are performing quite often in clubs and smaller festivals in Slovakia. They also performed live in Radio Bunker in november 2012 and also in september 2013. 

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