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Slappodrome by Barnacled

Album Description

Recorded:December 16th, 2008
Host: Jason Sigal
Engineer: Trent Wolbe

Barnacled is an avant-jazz super-group from Providence RI. They have an album on ESP-Disk called Charles (2008), and played this set before their record release party at the Bowery Poetry Club with Alan Sondheim and Septimania.

Lineup: Frank Difficult - Electronics/keyboard // Michael Jeffries - Baritone sax // Matt McLaren - Drums, percussion // Alec K Redfearn - Accordion, Jaw's harp // Ann Schattle - Horn in F // Erica Schattle - Bassoon // Chris Sadlers - Bass // Nicotina - Guitar // (thanks to Alto Sax player Jason McGill for cordinating the session, though he was unfortunately not able to attend)

After the set, Alec gave some good reasons as to why Charles is the group's first full-length release since 6, released on Corleone Records in 2002. Apparently the new recordings were made in 2004, but sat on the shelf waiting to get mastered while the group's members focused on their myriad side projects, which include but are not limited to:

Alec K Redfearn & The Eyesores -- Redfearn's group has featured almost every member of Barnacled at one time or another.

The Seizures -- Matt McLaren, Chris Sadlers, and Alec Redfearn, described as Eyesores-light, with an upcoming record on Corleone

Anntastic -- Ann Schattle and Frank Difficult

Frank Difficult -- released a cd-r series of solo electronic experimentation titled "Sonic Bukkake", former V Majestic psych-rocker

Head of Horns -- Frank and Alec's metal band

Bellows -- Michael Jeffries

Nicotina and the Legs -- Nicotina's project. Founded in Italy, along with his Burp Publications/Enterprise magazine/record label

JMMMJ -- formerly a saxpohone duo feat. Jason McGill and Michael Jeffries, now with the addition of drummer Matt McLaren

Black Faced Sheep - Frank, Chris, Reed, Alec

Rustbucket - Matt McLaren, who also hosts a percussion-driven public access show called Tom Tom Time

Mrs. Six Eyes - Alec, Matt and Josh (of Septimania) work at Resources for Human Development, and arts organization for people with developmental disabilities, where they met collaborator Amy aka Mrs. Six Eyes. Video of "Paint The Walls With Your Tail"

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03. Slappodrome (06:04)

Track Info


a Nicotina and the Legs song

Date Recorded
Dec 31, 2008
Bit Rate
COMPOSER: Nicotina


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