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THANK YOU, LISA by Jared C. Balogh

Album Description

Pure Channeled Expressions ((Best Of))
Pure Channeled Expressions ((Best Of))
Producer: Jared C. Balogh
Engineer: Jared C. Balogh
The album "Pure Channeled Expressions ((Best Of))" is a compilation of the best tracks taken from Jared C. Balogh's "Pure Channeled Expression" Series.  The series is comprised of three volumes.  Volume 1 was released on Vaatican Records (France), Volume 2 was released on Misspelled Records (Australia) and Volume 3 was
released on Itsu-Jitsu (Ireland) through 2010 and 2011 as Creative Commons releases.  The principles behind this series are quite simple: recorded on one channel, one microphone (Boundary Microphone), one take (No Re-takes), no pre-planning of songs, playing all or multiple instruments at one time, one continuous recording, NO editing and only minimal compression in mastering phase. In essences, visceral, spontaneous, intuitive improvisational music.    Genres: Jazz, Noise, Drone, Intuitive, Field Recording and Improvisational     1.) PHASING COSMOS (11:55)  Created with: Drums Set and Guitar, Effects Processor and Mini Guitar Combo Amplifier   2.) PLAY TIME FEEDBACK (7:37)  Created with: Electric Guitar, Mini Guitar Combo Amplifier, Effects Processor, Dog Toys, Ethnic Percussions, Cymbals, and my dog "Kyuss" (R.I.P. 5/4/2003-9/20/2011)   3.) CAREFREE RANT MOWING THE LAWN FOR RENT (15:17) Created with: Metronome, Electric Guitar, Mini Guitar Combo Amplifier, Ethnic Percussions, Glass Bottles, Plastic Tubes, Cookie Cutters, Plastic Recorder, Bag Of Bolts, Rack and Floor Tom Tom Rims, Dog Toys, Drum Set, Ceramic Bowls, File Cabinet, Metal Pole and Human Sounds   4.) HEAR THE DRUMMER GET WICKED (7:22) Created With: Drum Set   5.) THE TOOT THE BEAT THE DELAY (17:59) Created With: Digital Delay Guitar Pedal, Instrument Cable, Speaker Feedback, Human Beat Box and Plastic Recorder   6.) CHASING A DRAGON WITH HYPER EYES AND PREMEDITATED INSANITY (5:31) Created With: Electric Guitar and Mini Guitar Combo Amplifier   7.) THANK YOU, LISA (13:19) Created With: Trumpet, Harmonica, Electric Guitar, Mini Guitar Combo Amplifier, Drum Set, Ethnic Percussions   Recorded at: Altered State Reflections 2010-2011 Recorded and Mastered by: Jared C. Balogh   All music and instruments played by: Jared C. Balogh   Artist Appearances: Lisa Farrow on trumpet on song "THANK YOU, LISA" and Kyuss (Dog) barking and playing on song "PLAY TIME FEEDBACK"   Songs: "PLAY TIME FEEDBACK", "CAREFREE RANT MOWING THE LAWN FOR RENT" and "THE TOOT THE BEAT THE DELAY" Previously released on Vaatican Records   Songs: "HEAR THE DRUMMER GET WICKED" and "CHASING A DRAGON WITH HYPER EYES AND PREMEDITATED INSANITY" Previously released on Misspelled Records   Songs: "THANK YOU, LISA" and "PHASING COSMOS" Previously released on Itsu-Jitsu   Contact Information:   Full Album Versions Pure Channeled Expressions Vol. 1 (Vaatican Records) Pure Channeled Expressions Vol. 2 (Misspelled Records) Pure Channeled Expressions Vol. 3 (Itsu-Jitsu)    



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