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"Is This The End?" Performed by Evgeniy Gerasimchuk

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"Is This The End?" by Jared C. Balogh (Performed by Evgeniy Gerasimchuk)
"Is This The End?" by Jared C. Balogh (Performed by Evgeniy Gerasimchuk)
Altered State Reflections (ASR113)- “Is This The End?” by Jared C. Balogh (Performed by Evgeniy Gerasimchuk)   Musician- Evgeniy Gerasimchuk Country- St. Petersberg, Russia Instruments for song “Is This The End?”- Guitar and Bass Song Performed- “Is This The End?” by Jared C. Balogh     Evgeniy Gerasimchuk performing (with instruments) "Is This The End?":     Musician Statement:   “I'm big fan of Jared's music. I think he is incredible composer. Some of his tracks can tell me about other worlds. About a year and half ago I suggested to Jared to record his song "Is This The End?" and he agreed. The song
is from the album "Between Equinox" that was released on Happy Puppy Records in Canada in the fall of 2012.  In the description of the album it was described as "collection of humanly-impossible-to-play compositions" For me, the recording process was difficult, but not impossible. After some time the song was ready.  Jared was very impressed and surprised by the fact that I did it.”- Evgeniy Gerasimchuk   Facebook- Youtube- Website- Skype- zoltan.hagg   Composer- Jared C. Balogh Country- Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Instruments for song “Is This The End?”: Upright Bass, Piano and Acoustic Guitar Song- “Is This The End?” composed by Jared C. Balogh (January 2010)   Composer Statement:   “Evgeniy contacted me about a 12 months ago about wanting to perform and  record two of my songs I composed “Is This The End?” and  the mind-bendingly chaotic epic “Toast On Jamm”.  Naturally for me, I quickly tried to convince him to choose more simple songs to perform other than the two he suggested.  Due to the fact that when I composed my songs I had the mind frame that I only wanted  the most talented  musicians to be able to play my music. The two songs he wanted to play were some of the more difficult ones to perform.  I tried to convince and suggested to him a few times over the first few month of talking of performing other songs.  He persistently REFUSED.  Once I realized he was not going to budge. I told him to start off with the easier of the two songs “Is This The End?”. Over the last several months, we have been working periodically via video Skype, e-mail and Facebook on the two songs.  To my surprise and sheer excitement, he completed the first song “Is This The End?”.  I have been approached several times by musicians that were interested in performing one of my compositions.  To my knowledge/assumptions, that these musicians have never completed any of my compositions.  So, I would have to say that Evgeniy is the first known musician to completely perform and record one of my compositions.  He made one of my dreams come true.  It would be great if this was first of many to be performed/recorded”- Jared C. Balogh     Facebook: Website:   Original album released on Happy Puppy Records:   Full Album Download of “Between Equinox”:     Song “Is This The End?” by Jared C. Balogh (Performed by Evgeniy Gerasimchuk) released on Altered State Reflections:  



"Is This The End?" Performed by Evgeniy Gerasimchuk
UPLOADED: 02/29/2016

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