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 Back To The Future The Ride (1 Albums, 5 Tracks)


Tron Legacy takes us into Brian Miller’s fascination with the romanticized idea of futurism, and reaction to the upcoming movie. Me having an obsession with a rather dystiphian, post-apocalyptic idea of futurism, this serves as a refreshing other-side of the coin. Brian tells gives a personal insight into his own
Tron Legacy: The romanticism of the first Tron moves me like few other films do, and with my own version of the Tron Legacy soundtrack I am sharing my extended vision of that world. A counterpoint to what the film Tron Legacy must be. Back To The Future The Ride is an act conceived of from the get go as rudimentary futurism, time travel in the hands of everyone. My album, Tron Legacy, is a journey down an alternate time line in which the advancements of today’s world were made not only with yesterday’s technology, but with yesterday’s less commercialized, more home-grown love of the tools. The genuine sentiment of the last line is nothing if not uplifting, and hopeful of a changing collective mindset.