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LOCATION:Portland Oregon
  • BOOM!= Chris Scott, Izak Arida and Osama Ehigiator.
  • Karate Chops is a side project by two of the Members of BOOM!; Chris Scott and Izak Arida. Also, follow BOOM! with their blog:
BOOM! is a band, loud with shoes kicking out from underneath skateboards down Southeast Portland neighborhoods. These boys pile into cars, packing their gear and gritting their teeth to the rain on the way to their next sweaty house show. With their shredding guitars and hard skipping beats, BOOM! is like a birthday present that explodes in your face.BOOM! comes to you here with 3 songs, all recently minted this past winter on their first west coast tour. Be sure to keep an eye on Gnar Tapes at for their soon-to-be-released (and limited edition) cassette.