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 B-film Ltd (1 Albums, 8 Tracks)


  • Tonfilm, Leisure-B, ThorLtd
In a joint effort to accomplish a new degree in funky experimental music, Humanworkshop artists Tonfilm and Leisure-B, also know as B-Film, teamed up with the founder of the legendary Dutch Fant00m Records, also known by his artist name as Thor-Ltd. As B-Film Ltd they present a combination of their
feel for electronic music, as well as indulging in a live interpretation of this material. The result is a thirty minute set which covers all the good things modern electronic music has to offer, from IDM to dub-step. The Big Idea: The theory behind the set-up is actually quite simple: it should behave like a two player game console. We tried to reach this goal in a real way by creating an environment where two people could playfully react to pre-programmed changes in this 30+ minute set of material gathered from previously made arrangements. An extra dimension was added by using Ableton Lives wide range of random clip-launch options. Because of the way the arrangement and the set-up are conceived the results of the sessions are quite dynamic. Depending on the mood we were in, the style of the sets varied between loungy and arsekicking. In one version of a session the easy tracks were stretched to the maximum, with extensive use of the re-sampling and effects processing options of the Kaoss Pads, while in other versions the accent was clearly more on the hard-beat drum and bass tracks.




Live at My House
01. B-film Ltd - Leptir 00:03:33
03. B-film Ltd - Larse 00:03:29
04. B-film Ltd - Didge 00:04:39
05. B-film Ltd - Kill Pain 00:05:56
06. B-film Ltd - Thumbs Up 00:04:14
07. B-film Ltd - Simon Q 00:03:44
08. B-film Ltd - Sfeertje 00:04:50