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Somnambulist by Automating

Album Description

Released:September 15th, 2012

Originally conceived as a demonstrative show reel for various psychoacoustic techniques as a form of data delivery and an approach to a philosophical understanding of the world; the accumulation of material began to imply that the initial focus became an investigation of sleep-states, hypnagogia and hypnopompia. Still, the main thrust of the initial proposal – to make sense of the world – remains valid. While there is still no agreed-upon scientific explanation as to why we need to sleep, a popular theory is that it’s the time required for our unconscious to unpack the experiences from the day and transfer them into memory. The stream of false sensory information we experience as both sleeping and waking dreams may well be a side-effect of this.


Here then, is the mind’s process working in reverse. The vast majority of sounds present here stem from real documented experiences, however much cut and treated. The representation of the material now closely resembles that of dreams, with their loops, confused narratives, and seemingly unrelated material that nonetheless makes sense while we are experiencing it; it is only later, upon waking, that confusion, puzzlement, or trepidation sets in when we attempt to analyse them.


Headphones are preferable, then a proper stereo setup (ie, left and right speakers forming an equilateral triangle with the head) with flat response monitors. Laptop/computer speakers are not desirous. The work is designed to be listened to as a whole, however track markers have been inserted for convenience. Some dreams are better than others.



01. Alpha Wave (00:51)
03. Rosetta Stone (02:42)
04. Hypnagogia (02:55)
05. EEG Test (01:36)
06. Beta Wave (00:27)
07. Lucid Dreaming (01:32)
09. PET Scan (06:10)
10. Delta Wave (01:11)
14. Gamma Wave (02:03)
15. Hypnopompia (06:49)
17. Projection (03:06)
18. Theta Wave (02:01)
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