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 Atomic Butter Babes (1 Albums, 17 Tracks)


  • Admiral Sexy (vocals)
  • Captain Penis (guitar)
  • Commander Schmee (drums)
  • FORCM Jellyfist (bass)
Nautical. Sexy. Dangerous. These three things are the only, I repeat, ONLY things that are taken into account when the Atomic Butter Babes are writing songs. Ridiculous? Perhaps. But we'll all be thanking the Atomic Butter Babes when they save us all from the giant VAMPIRE SQUID that is planning
an attack on the human race. These 4 (and sometimes more) nautical sex-gods live aboard their ship, The Dutch Uncle. Led by Admiral Sexy (vocals), enforced by Captain Penis (guitar), smacked around by Commander Schmee (drums), diddled by FORCM Jellyfist (bass), and occasionally backed by Panama Montana and Seaman Apprentice Fucking Wa-Wa (backup vocals), these men are here to ruin your night by lampooning your precious "hardcore" and stealing your girlfriend/boyfriend. Beware.