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Wind Playing Far by Astrowind

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Astrowind - Somewhere the Music Has Been Played
Astrowind - Somewhere the Music Has Been Played
To speak with Spiritualized: "Ladies and Gentlemen, we are floating in space"After two amazing releases ("The Night The Stars Flew"/Electrosound and "Into Vernadsky"/12rec), Astrowind come up with another great 7-track-EP.Deeply influenced by german krautrock, "Somewhere The Music Had Been Played" puts you in a warm blanket and let you float in time and space. This deep harmonic athmosphere guides you through the complete release.From the first track soft bubbling synth-patterns and soundscapes take you by the hand and let you forget time and space around you. And leave you after 35 minutes in a calm and peaceful condition.By the way:
The whole EP was recorded during a live improvisation on soviet-era analog synth and desktop FX. An exciting example of creating music together spontaniously. - Internet Archive



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