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 Ash On Dust (1 Albums, 6 Tracks)


  • Jeff Schmidt
  • Steve Uccello
Ash On Dust is a collaboration between electric bassist/composer Jeff Schmidt and upright/electric bassist/multi-instrumentialist/composer Steve Uccello. While we’re both bassists, this project is not out to “prove what the bass can do” or otherwise serve as “bass player” music.  We feel there’s plenty of that out there already.   Says Jeff:
“I was exploring ways to compose using the electric bass without the “players” baggage of needing it be to the center of attention or perform technically challenging bass parts.  So when I heard the acoustic ambient work Steve was creating in his projects (sung/ Clarified Birds) I really felt drawn to it and thought he could make a great collaborator” Ash On Dust explores cinematic and contemplative sounds through the blending of organic and electronic instrumentation. This requires us both to perform as multi-instrumentalists – using electric & acoustic basses, acoustic stringed instruments, percussion and unorthodox performance techniques.   (