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Arwen Lewis
LOCATION:California, United States
Arwen first began honing her natural musicianship several years ago, mainly by learning guitar and songwriting under her father’s guidance (as well as resuming her childhood studies in piano). After taking time to develop her craft and find her voice as a musical artist, Arwen joined her father in self-recording
a batch of Moby Grape songs at her family’s California home. The bicoastal collaboration between artist and producer began when Arwen and Peter scratched out the structure of the songs, a process that DeNicola continued by building up the tracks with a host of musicians in his New York City studio. Culminating with Arwen and her father joining DeNicola in New York to contribute their final vocals and guitar parts, Arwen holds true to Moby Grape’s musical vision by re-creating the band’s signature three-guitar orchestration. And in the case of “If You Can’t Learn from My Mistakes” (written by Peter Lewis), that kaleidoscopic guitar sound is rounded out with a guest performance from the Lovin’ Spoonful’s John Sebastian.Arwen was born partly from an urge to unearth what its creator considers a musical hidden gem.“I remember listening to Moby Grape when I was younger and realizing how they’ve influenced a lot of authentic rock & roll, and even had some similarities to the punk music I loved,” says Arwen. “It’s like they were unknowingly setting something up for the artists that would come along years after them.”With her other key inspirations ranging from Billie Holiday to Miles Davis to folk poet Tim Hardin, Arwen aims to channel that authenticity and forward-looking but classically minded sensibility into her future musical endeavors. And as the album approaches its release, Arwen says she’s excited to experience the songs along with live audiences. “To me music has always been about breaking barriers between people,” Arwen notes. “Playing and singing have become my connection to the world, and I want these songs to be for everybody.”