Artem Bemba

Артем Бемба родился 1987 года в селе Миженец (Украина). Учился в музыкальной школе по класcу ф-но, но не окончил учебу.…

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Basscoast 2015 - Album
Endless journey across the planet with an infinite shape-shifting and color of plants, located somewhere on the edge of the…


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Soularflair Jun 21, 2017

Nice production, dude. And you gotta love someone prepared to do a 20 minute song ;)

Nul Tiel Jun 17, 2017

Hi Artem Bemba, Last year a few of us from the FMA put together a collaborative album: We were thinking of doing Vol 2 and wondered if you'd be interested. Cheers, Simon