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Padenti secrets by Arrogalla

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Arrogalla - Exotic Animals in the Scrub
Arrogalla - Exotic Animals in the Scrub
" The concept was born in November 2008 and was developed ina few of months and is a metaphor standing for a meeting point between our native island (represented by language, sounds, rhythms and mediterranean scrub) and anything we can imagine (exotic animals). It is a harsh critique of traditional
nationalism. It is a common ground for local and global, digital and analog realm as visualised by Elektrika. "Padenti Secrets" is the EP manifesto even if the same work ethic is common to all included songs thanks to the precious work provided by the sardinian collective Nootempo (Quilo, Ganga Listics, Claudia Aru Carreras, Randagiu Sardu) and Volfoniq (dubbing, melodica and mastering)". Arrogalla - june 2009 - LCL (LibreCommeLair)



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