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 Area C (2 Albums, 14 Tracks)


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LOCATION:2 Westwood Avenue, Providence, RI 02905, USA
  • Erik Carlson
AREA C was formed in 2003 by Erik Carlson. AREA C's compositions examine the texture and tonal characteristics of sound, working with live loops, their cyclical relationships, and the details of their decay over time. The work blurs boundaries between digital and analog as well as electric and acoustic, foregrounding
sound sources from out of the way places.Using looping tools, effects pedals and real-time tape recorder manipulation, AREA C strives for the creation of subtle, textural and dynamic sounds through acts of sonic manipulation, disintegration and recombination. Improvisation also plays an important role for AREA C, with live performances often based on extended explorations of minimal thematic starting points or clusters of tone and melody.In addition to original experimental releases and performances, AREA C also works with audio art, installations, soundtracks and sound design, collaborating with architects, filmmakers, poets and photographers. AREA C's work has been featured in the Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum, the Architectural League of New York, Sundance Film Festival, RISD Museum and Brown University. AREA C recently completed a permanent interactive installation titled "Lo Rez / Hi Fi" in Washington DC, a collaboration with architect J. Meejin Yoon of HY Architecture. (-via


Live Performance

Thee Haunted Cobblestone Sunset Concert Series #7
01. Area C - Track 01 00:02:02
02. Area C - Track 02 00:03:32
03. Area C - Track 03 00:07:53
04. Area C - Track 04 00:03:41
05. Area C - Track 05 00:01:10
06. Area C - Track 06 00:02:27
07. Area C - Track 07 00:04:30
08. Area C - Track 08 00:05:07
09. Area C - Track 09 00:03:56
10. Area C - Track 10 00:03:05
11. Area C - Track 11 00:06:32
12. Area C - Track 12 00:04:38
13. Area C - Track 13 00:01:00