Apache Dropout

...from the ashes of psycho-nauts Hot Fighter 1, as well as the Twisted Soul-Punk of John Wilkes Booze...APACHE DROPOUT has…

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Half of the Apache Dropout LP 2011 - Album
Apache Dropout is a full on lysergic boogie trio from Southern Indiana who’ve self-released a handful of recordings while touring…


emmdec Apr 24, 2012

Great band. Really.

NartraRadioRoma Jun 24, 2011


rileyroo May 25, 2011

love you guys!

jason May 10, 2011

this band is so good! just recorded a live session for WFMU, airs on Thursday morning 9am-12noon at http://wfmu.org/playlists/JI they play tonite at Bruar Falls and Wednesday (may 11th) at Coco66