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From A to B

Album Description

Live improvisation from Aortha and Buben. During the live act, they were trying to find a unique way from abstract A to abstract B. Was this improvised collaboration successful? Clearly, they got to the destination.   Aortha Aortha is the sound project of Dzmitry Ladzes.Dzmitry is interested in work with urban
sounds, he is inseparable from his digital recorder. The artist asserts that music is around us anytime and anywhere, but urbanite does not notice this beauty by reason of acoustic pollution.Aortha tries to bring to the listeners this music: he makes collages from the urban sound recordings and then processing it by numerous effects creating pieces of cities’ spirit. Aortha is also engaged in the creation of sounds for theatre. For instance, he works with Karakuli dance theatre. In addition, Dzmitry collaborates with modern Belarusian poets.   Buben Musician, promoter, artist, creator of some radio and art projects from Belarus. Vladislav represents TV show about alternative electronic music ”Called for the electricians” on local MTV (Belarus). 7 years Vlad represented radio show “The Lost World” (the oldest radio show in Belarus about extreme & alternative music). Radio “Mir” 107.1 FM Vladislav is the main coordinator of Lostworld webzine and label.Buben creates some musician groups and projects in diferent styles. Some music projects – (Buben, Prus, Zeroism, Donald dark, Ego, Zhraja, Manstappz, Kein, Shamaniac, Over voltage, Bolshevik, ex Ambassador21, Perpetual deathic, Skvarka, Criminal chromosome,I me mine, Bachus, Panie Kahanku e.t.c.)Labels around the world released Vladislav Buben records – Beergut recordings, Vertex recordings, Biv0uac, Dreamlandrecordings, Tibproductions, Noise-joy, Desolatesonorities records, Roil noise, Marasm records, Audiotong, No Angels, Crop circles industries, Smellthestench, Sudden death records, Agressive guerilla records, Redstar budapestrecords, PravDaDA org., System hang, Clinical Archives, Black orchid, Dis production, Invasion wrechords, Zaftich research, D.A.C.records etc.


Live Performance

From A to B
01. Aortha & Buben - A/ 00:07:43
02. Aortha & Buben - A/\ 00:06:52
03. Aortha & Buben - A/\/ 00:09:36
04. Aortha & Buben - B 00:08:03
UPLOADED: 08/25/2017

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CC BY-SA 4.0
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