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Anton Mobin Mic'Torn
Anton Mobin Mic'Torn
Anton Mobin Mic'Torn
Anton Mobin Mic'Torn
suRRism-Phonoethics is proud to release 'Mic'Torn' by Anton Mobin! sPE_0047Published by suRRism-Phonoethicshttp://surrism.phonoethics.comRelease title: MIC’TORNAuthors: Audio edit, master - Anton MobinArtwork, texts, voice, cello - Mic’TornTracklist:01- Prologue (09:35)02- Incontrôlable (05:31)03- Drône d’encre (08:24)04- Poème du corps (07:09)Total duration : 30:39Composition realized by Anton Mobin for the exhibition of the engraver Mic’Torn in december 11th, 2009 at Theeightgallery, Paris.The cover art is the original engraving made by Mic’Torn during the performance of the opening.All recordings of engraving technics captured by Anton Mobin at Les Ateliers Moret, Paris.Manipulation by Mic’Torn.Voice recondings by Mic’Torn in his own atelier at La petite Fuie, Charente.Cello recordings
by Anton Mobin in the big top of The Serious Road Trip, St Jean de la Ruelle.Thanks to Alexandre Yterce & Jaan Patterson.Contacts:Anton Mobin : http://antonmobin.blogspot.comMic’Torn : At first, I had this image... Kind of erotic dream.I had dreamed that I put my hand in the sex of a woman.I had the idea to multiply this erotic view...And as in the final engraving it is going to be central, but very dark.I tried to go out of the image...Off the immediate sexual image...If we do not see it, that will look something rather commonplace maybe...I do not know how to say...To have multiplied them like this in four, to have stacked these views on a plan in cross, as when we stand out on a map, a place...And there is another obnubilante images which was there, which was ceaselessly present:It was this we call Monas Hieroglyphica...This cross which symbolizes four elements.Unisex in cross, in the middle of which will going to become… Finally of what is already here: a skull with two snakes that cross… Two snakes, a skull, two snakes which end in bone...Sometimes I wonder why I make things like that, it is strange… The problem is I do not still understand what I make … Because I do not control it…I let me snatch by something or more exactly, a kind of “let go”… I always have the feeling that it is not me who create it: I execute it, but it’s not me who create it… I feel to be very close to the Art Brut creation.As a shape of necessity, which obliges me to create things which at first seem to me TOTALLY DARK. 'menda's cinematic loss pointing uncanny may considered as be or prior to unfortunate questionability sweat matters'-André Pissoir on 'Aluminum Smiles' This audio is part of the collection: suRRism-Phonoethics



UPLOADED: 09/04/2010

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