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just remember i'm santa claus (2015 r3 mix)

Album Description

Just in time for the holidays! (Barely.) And an all-new version, too...   Originally released in 2009, we blasted the original track out over a couple days - and that version sure as hell sounded that way...    ... but when we removed the original version from circulation, we got yelled at
- a lot - so we put that version back up...   But now THIS version marks the very first release from our "2015 Remix/Remaster/Re-do" back-catalogue effort (more on that soon)...   ... and this Remix/Remaster/Re-do should give you a sneak preview of what we have in mind.    And yeah - we know it's not 2015 yet.    What the hell.    It's a Christmas Song.   Well... it's an acl Christmas Song.    Whatever that means.   Anyway, lots more surprises soon...     thank you for listening   k&w ;)      p.s. This really is a true story.     p.p.s. mzkitty sez hi     track credits:   kirk & wendy: just being kirk & wendy


just remember i'm santa claus (2015 r3 mix)
UPLOADED: 12/23/2014

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