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Tab & Anitek: Chasing Rabbits EP

Album Description

Producer: Tab & Anitek
Engineer: Tab & Anitek
Tab & Anitek: Chasing Rabbits EPChasing Rabbits is the newest solo release from Tab of the NJ hip-hop group The Dead Poets.  This nine track EP was entirely produced by Anitek, who has worked with many artists from Division East Records as well as underground acts such as Young Zee.  The album was created as a concept album and was made with all original music.  This thought provoking trip "down the rabbit hole" was created in only 2 months and touches on a variety of topics.  Anitek's trip-hop style production paints a beautiful backdrop for Tab's vivid story telling, mixed
with catchy hooks from the help of Elle Rose, this album will stick in your head long after your first listen.  The inside jacket of the CD explains it best...."This album is for anyone who gave up on a dream to settle for the mediocre...For anyone medicated for asking questions..Judged for being different..Hated for being honest..This is the soundtrack for those stuck on the slow road to nowhere...For BIG dreams in shitty towns..For anyone chasing something they will never find.."                                                                      -tab


UPLOADED: 06/26/2012

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