Andy G. Cohen

I compose and record multitrack recordings as a hobby. My music is usually characterized by layered guitars, basses, percussion, and…

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Prisma 2020 - Album
This is the album "Prisma" by Andy G. Cohen, which was recorded between September 2020 and March 2021. All songs…


2020 - Album
2016 - Album
2015 - Album


dangerdog Nov 26, 2018

Hi Andy, I really enjoy your music and love using it for my projects. However, I only just found out FMA is closing :(. Will your music be available on another site in the near future? I want to make...

JDClair Sep 27, 2016

Hello Andy, I really love your work. I'm contemplating using your music in an audio book. I'll let you know what I decide and share if I end up going your direction. Once again, great music. Keep it up!! All...