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Deliveroo Rider EP

Album Description

Andrew Walton - Deliveroo Rider EP cover art
Andrew Walton - Deliveroo Rider EP cover art
Socialist poet Andrew Walton is back with a new EP! Welcome him in kindly, he's had a long journey. Released for Netlabel Day 2017, this 4-track EP features a dissection of the zero-hour contract gig economy through the tale of an overworked delivery person; a celebration of a dogged Leicester campaigner and stinging rebuke of the city's Mayor; a malfunctioning miscalculating Maybot; and a dispatch from the 2017 general election. Full album to follow later in the summer. In the meantime, Andrew's poetry books "Little Red Poetry" and "Little Green Poetry" are available online via Lulu. credits released July 14,
2017 All tracks written and performed by Andrew Walton Guitar and production by Andy Brain


UPLOADED: 07/14/2017
LISTENS: 10389

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CC BY-SA 4.0
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