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Can You Deal With It?

Album Description

Traveling from Chicago to New Orleans on the mainline, R&B cult hero Andre "Mr. Rhythm" Williams has teamed with the Crescent City's hedonistic barroom punks The New Orleans Hellhounds. The ‘hounds share several band members with the notorious Morning 40 Federation, a band of alcoholic miscreants whose shows have more
in common with demolition derbies than actual concerts.Like the unique city his backing boys call home, 'Dre has been dirty, down, broke and pushed to the edge of oblivion more than once, but both have managed to keep a glint in their eye and a strut in their step. The original Black Godfather wants us all to know on "Can You Deal With it?" that he can still get around and get down with a Hellhound Sound that's as thick as an August night in the bayou.This is some heavy punk-soul, brothers and sisters. Andre's in firm voice, from his sly, come-hither leer on "Hear Ya Dance" to his guttural and guttery yowl on "Never Had A Problem", to the downright TUFF throw down on "If You Leave Me." The Hellhounds, with their fat horns, fuzzed out guitars and crack rhythm section, provide backing with all the subtlety of a bike chain beatdown. Add to the mix the Ninth Ward mad scientist virtuoso oddball genius Quintron on organ and this band lays down a serious base coat of soulful wallop befitting the legacy of Andre. You have been duly warned, oh seekers of the rock, that this record has more grind in it than a 3 am cup of diner coffee.He's here to tell it like it is. With a nod, a wink, a chuckle, and a rousing HELL YEAH! 'Dre and New Orleans. Two fighters. Yes, we can deal with that.(From Bloodshot Records)



Can You Deal With It?
UPLOADED: 05/13/2009

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