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An expert composer of glitchy vocals, mashed-up beats and strong, catchy synth melodies, San Franciso-based Ample Mammal (David Sugalski, aka The Polish Ambassador) is a one man, eight channel master of mixing samples, kinetic beats, sliced up vocals and elegant atmospheric effects and crescendos. Sugalski’s music is 99% original material, but heavy with smatterings of samples that are tweaked to near unrecognizability, ala The Chemical Brothers.
Known for his energetic live laptop/midi sets as The Polish Ambassador – bouncing up and down in a signature vintage Swiss jumpsuit, (which he’s considering insuring) – Ample Mammal’s debut 14-track album demonstrates Sugalski’s typical intense vitality and animal charm. However, “Mating Season” is a more varied, downtempo departure from his more high-energy, alter ego The Polish Ambassador. The jumpsuit is gone and the songs exhibit a more intelligent and intricate artistry.
The track titles are ripe with science references. And, the mixology, concoctions and cutting and splicing are evident in each track. If a science lab project and an after-hours underground party collided, it might sound like Ample Mammal. Ample Mammal is bringing his highly unique sound to the oft-times formulaic and duplicitous electronic dance genre. And, he’s poised to find his infectious dance music and live performances embraced by a larger International audience.

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