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auld lang syne by Amil Byleckie

Album Description

I started this christmas album in 2006 soon after moving to pittsburgh. I didn't have many friends so i thought that a cd of christmas songs (both originals and covers!) would make a nice "getting to know you present" i dropped it in the mailboxes and on the doorsteps of
people who i had seen around town that I wanted to be friends with and waited for the life long friendships to begin. The scheme didn't really work out too well, but for some reason every christmas season since I've written or recorded a few new songs and burnt a handful of cd's for old friends and fantasy new friends. Good Angels Guard Thee is now a weird 19 track nightmare montage of holiday emotions. This year I think i'm going to give the good people at Copy Plus a break and try to keep it digital. Unfortunately a lot of christmas songs aren't in the public domain, but these ones should be safe!I hope you old friends enjoy, and to all you fantasy new friends: merry christmas!!



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