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 Amazing Bahia e i Fanciulli Protosportivi (1 Albums, 3 Tracks)


LOCATION:Finale Emilia, Italia
ACTIVE:2006 - 2007
  • Manuele Palazzi: voice, keybords
  • Cesare Mezzatesta: voice, keybords
  • Benjamin Altermatt: voice, Keybords, bass
A.B.E.I.F.P was a non-active band based in Bologna, Italia. As a band they played a few gigs, crashing their lo-fi vibe in improbable venues, as the Veronika club in the suburbs of Parma. After a year of easy going sessions, recorded by cellphones or mp3 players in the flat that
members of the band used to shared, they released Gomme Cromo Ep.