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Hilander (+ INSTRUMENTALS) by Altered:Carbon & Kendall WA

Album Description

Released:October 31st, 2010
Producer: Tam Ferrans, Andrew Paterson

'Hilander' (and its accompanying instrumentals) are the lab results returned when two artists separated by the sea but not digitally are fused together and lurch forward to destroy your preconceptions of where Hip Hop belongs and where you think Electronic music is supposed to be heading.

Kendall Washington brings his particularly intriguing brand of Hip replacement Hop firing on all cylinders to meet glitchy electronic genre defiers Altered:Carbon who on this release, download the real Kendall, merge him and produce a undeniably gripping and original .exe file in the form of a hard to define sound. At times echoes of a darker Brothomstates filter through only to be turned upside down by rap laced riddles and a forceful blend of sharpened machine beats, head nodding laced storms and cracked mournful shadows of melodies and FX.

This is a place of heavy layers, lyrical meaning and programming that brings you to a raining bleak apothecary where only machines and thoughts live.

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