The Almighty Defenders

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In a world of Segways and wraparounds, some would say that all hope is lost. When Ipod DJ's get 3 x the money of most rock’n’roll bands, you could say if there is hell below - we're all gonna go. Alas! SALVATION IS FINALLY HERE!!! The Black Lips have teamed up with their long-time brothers King Khan and BBQ to offer 11 spirituals that are sure to shave the hairs right off your tongue.This self-titled album was written, recorded and mixed in one week following the Black Lips rude expulsion from India. They flew directly into King Khan's legendary Moon Studios in Berlin where he and Mark Sultan were cooking up their own new album. It was both bands’ first major collaboration since a US tour 4 years earlier. It could be argued that this isn’t a ‘gospel’ record in the traditional sense, sure. But this is a record of pure spirituals from six wise magicians. This isn’t a tribute to a ‘god’, but a testimony to good taste - a church of the mind brimming with soul. How such demonic dudes can sound so angelic, I have yet to comprehend, but they somehow manage to bring the true spirit of gospel and make it as raw and beatific as the likes of the Velvet Underground. Exactly how two of the most respected and influential rock’n’roll bands of this decade would do it up.Imagine the Rev. Charlie Jackson drinkin’ Robo at a Factory party with Alastair Crowley doing security. Timeless and true - an amazing testimonial to 5% who can bridge the gaps and do something original. The Almighty Defenders are here to show you the Holy Way is the spirit that lies in the gutter of your mind. 11 songs, including a Mighty Hannibal cover! Hallelujah!!!