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LOCATION:New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.
Original Bush of Ghosts Track: “Help Me Somebody” Software, Equipment and Other Processes Employed in the Production of Remix: I did a bit of manual splicing and truncating of the samples in Goldwave, particularly with the percussion. This introduced some transients into the samples that give the beat its wonderful
clickiness. I also did some sound-design in Max/MSP, primarily with a feedback patch I wrote to interface with my Berhinger BCR2000 control surface. This patch granularizes live input, and allows me to filter and manipulate the resultant sound in real-time. I hope to post this patch to my website, though it’ll be largely useless to someone without the lovely BCR. I then imported these sounds into Frooty, where I do all my sequencing. In between these steps, I did a ton of note scribbling. I like to write little play algorithms to guide the compositional process, though they’re only half-followed.  Aim in Producing This Rendition of the Original Source Material: I decided very early to use the original samples exclusively. I’m not a purist about remixes (I’m working on a remix for Sebastian Krueger right now, and gleefully adding all sorts of new material to his already-lovely track). I suppose I just felt like being arbitrary, but ultimately the stricture helped keep the remix terse and textually coherent. Also, “Help Me Somebody” seems to me to be just one big building-up. So I gave my remix a very pared-down, ABACAB structure. Again, a totally indefensible and arbitrary move on my part, though I have been doing it a lot in my tracks lately. My track on the forthcoming LuvSound.Org compilation is another ABACAB construction, though the sound design is completely out there. It’s a fun disjunction, I think. And my stuff has been really dense lately, so I decided to try and be a bit minimalist with the remix. I wanted to do something Matthew Dear-ish. I probably ended up filling all the blank spaces with little micro-edits despite myself, though. So there are all these abstractions and pseudo-algorithms; the final product is always more a thing of happy accident than anything else.