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The One by Albert Beger

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Albert Beger, the Israeli contemporary jazz saxophonist and composer, is also an environmental activist. He led a successful civilian rebellion against one of the biggest Israeli tycoons that threatened to build a gas ranch on the beach where Albert lives, and by that risking many people’s lives.Albert also maintains a habit of cleaning the beach where he lives, from garbage left by people, and raise his kids on these values.In 2008, Albert released big Mother, an album that is dedicated to ecology and the danger that planet earth is in.Big Mother was a project created out of great pain. The
pain of seeing our planet, our one big home, destroyed on a daily basis by mankind with its ongoing, day by day ecological crimes.Big Mother is a cry for help, to wake up humanity, and to raise awareness that if we’d carry on like this, our home will be destroyed.Honoring Earth Day 2011, Alert Beger talks about the spiritual aspects of saving our planet and gives away his album Big Mother for freeWatch the video



01. Albert Beger - The One 00:09:58

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