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Pus Ch'en by Ak'chamel, The Giver of Illness

Album Description

Ak'chamel - 'Pus Ch'en'
Released:October 4th, 2013

Pus Ch'en, In The Maw of the Sweat Bath Cave. 

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Pus Ch'en
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Jaan Patterson on 10/05/13 at 11:28AM
“Here, seemingly, Texas three piece, Ak’Chamel, allow interested parties to eavesdrop upon choice extracts from some kind of
unbroken private ritual. One imagines this was many days-long and was made outdoors as a matter of choice and necessity. Dense
slabs of sound – clagged, fogged and congealed – describe a brooding malevolence. One time, faint promise of pastoral folksy
tunefulness quickly and brutally descends into a snail-paced discordant hoedown; as if – somewhere, somehow – a somnambulist
Violent Femmes met a lo-fi death metal Swans to play, competively, by a mutual friend’s graveside. A particularly pleasing general cornerstone
of Ak’Chamel’s sound is the interweaving of dense layers of shamanic chant, which might fray into Dadaist tone poetry, which in
turn might fray into Siberian throat-singing. This band have truly gone native. But this is no mere anthropological or touristic
flight. These funereal vignettes successfully maintain the unrest in all the right ways. Great album.”
– Anthony Donovan
musicfan on 08/17/16 at 01:28AM
Cthonic and weird. Hermann Nitsch and Paul McCarthy busking in a strange Burning Man-meets-Mad Max: Fury Road musical apocalypse.
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