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Side A by Airway

Album Description

Here's the proof in the pudding that the ascent of the Japanese noise scene actually was pretty well informed by the long-enduring weirdos of the Los Angeles Free Music Society. Well, more than they get credit for, anyway. It's no surprise that Keiji Haino came knocking on the Doodooettes' door
in the early 1980's, nor that self crowned king of noize Jojo from Hijo Kaidan claimed he threw away the rule book and started from squat after he heard the live Airway recording, and now it's available again and its lo-fi muck shines glorious even in CD format. Comprised of LAFMS stable stalwarts Rick Potts, Juan Gomez (also of Human Hands fame), Tom Recchion, Joe Potts, Chris Chapman, Dennis Duck (who also has a new reissue of vinyl-glop tomfoolery on the Poo-Bah label) and banshee vocalist Vetza, this set was originally an LP in 1978 and also included in the 10CD LAFMS box set years ago, but has been remastered from the original source for this disc. It blazes like few other things from Tinseltown, that's for certain; a mutant jam of unrecognizable instruments (I dare say that the blaring scrapheap that rolls over everything in the mix in the middle of track 2 might be the mandolin????) Totally berzerk short-circuit mayhem that probably never had a chance to co-star in Urgh! A Music War by a long shot. But you, dear listener, deserve to be there. (-by Brian Turner at WFMU's Beware of the Blog)



01. Airway - Side A 00:20:33

Track Info

Recorded live in downtown Los Angeles at the Lace Gallery, April 27, 1978.
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