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 Ahad & Despera (1 Albums, 7 Tracks)


Ahad & Despera
LOCATION:Hungary & Japan
  • Zsolt Sores
  • Despera

AHAD – viola, circuit bent toys, crackle box, home-made springophone, lo-tech optical theremin, samples, radio, selected percussions, effects, voice
DESPERA – guitar, effects etc.

The music was analogue tape recorded in mono by Despera in Budapest, September (track 1-6.) and on the “Ahad’s Masters Garden I.: Shapeshifting” live concert in Bp. at the music club West Balkan, 17th December, 2007 (track 7.). Edited and pre-mastered by Despera at Worstward Records in Tokyo, 2008. Post-mastered by Ahad in Budapest, April, 2010.


Dedicated to the memory of the legendary japanese psychedelic noise rock band Les Rallizes Denudes and Nobuo Nakagawa (18 April 1905 – June 17, 1984), director of the horror film masterpiece in 1960, Jigoku (Hell).

Special thanks to Enike Buday, Ishii Junya, Zsolt Koroknai Men Lareida MÃte Maros, Jeff Surak aka Violet.

Cover art by Ahad (“Cyberdeiwill” series – 1995, mixed media)
Cover design by MÃ

Further informations about Despera (from the band Uramichi):
Further informations about Ahad:

Ahad’s Masters Garden VII.
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