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Live at WFMU on Brian Turner's Show on 7/19/2005

Album Description

Host: Brian Turner
Engineer: Gil Shuster
Pika and Oni return to kick naked soul rock once again! These Osaka ladies' last visit to Brian's show colored our whole afternoon with blurry, reverb-drenched banana attacks and a worldview of rock music that could only come from spending 6 months with real live pygmies. We look forward to
this year's visit, sure to have us all (including our live engineers) mesmerized and maybe covered by another kind of fruit when the dust settles. for more info!We've got some video up from the WFMU session here (AVI, 39 MB)-Brian Turner / WFMU July 19 2005 [playlist for this show]


Radio Program

Live at WFMU on Brian Turner's Show on 7/19/2005
01. Afrirampo - Excerpt 1 00:05:12
02. Afrirampo - Excerpt 2 00:07:37
03. Afrirampo - Excerpt 3 00:05:00
04. Afrirampo - Excerpt 4 00:01:47
05. Afrirampo - Excerpt 5 00:05:09
06. Afrirampo - Excerpt 6 00:01:55
07. Afrirampo - Excerpt 7 00:08:05
08. Afrirampo - Excerpt 8 00:01:45
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