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Live In Data Marseille

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Aatxe - 'Live In Data Marseille'
Aatxe - 'Live In Data Marseille'
suRRism-Phonoethics is proud to release Aatxe – ‘Live In Data Marseille‘! Cover drawing by Heddy Boubaker. Aatxe are Heddy Boubaker (modular synth) and Miguel A. Garcia (no-input mixer and electronic devices). Together they create free electronic improvisation universes that expand, compress, explode and continuously recreate with rugged landscapes  close to violence but always with sense of humor. They also create delicate moments that sometimes counterpoint to acoustic sounds, not without psychedelia. Alien volcano-shaped “brut” electricity, mutant lava oscillations, white noise bursts, very toxic and radioactive feedback like in a hysterical version of Solaris after seeing George Clooney’s ass. Cosmic electroacoustic
brut improvisation. about Heddy> Born in 1963, Heddy started music by playing electric guitar in Rock bands as a teenager, since long time passed and he played many other musical styles and then progressively switched to the alto and bass saxophone; Since 2011 he stopped all his saxophone practice and started to play analog modular synth, electric bass and viola. His main musical activities are now centered on improvised music and sound research; in solo or with others musicians, poets, dancers… he is really found of musical meetings too. He played on many international places with a lot of partners (M.Doneda, J-L.Guionnet, E.Prevost, B.Ulher, P.Battus, Lê Quan Ninh, D.Lazro, M.Kerbaj, C.Thomas, S.Beresford, E.Chadbourne, C.Abdenour, C.Wodrascka, J-L.Cappozzo among others). He published many CDs and is very active in concerts organisation in the Toulouse area. about Miguel> Miguel from the Basque country, is one of the most dynamic sound artists in the Spanish scene. His work focuses mainly on the composition and electro-acoustic improvisation. He uses sounds taken from electronic devices residues, often interrelated with field recordings or acoustic instruments, His background comprises fine arts and audiovisual technology, questioning the borders between electro-acoustic academic music, industrial music and the so called outsider music. He played in many stages, venues and festivals, all over the world as solo or with many parteners as: Tomas Grís, Oier I.A., Xabier Lopez, Oscar Martin (Noish), Seijiro Murayama, Hector Rey or Artur Vidal, Lali Barriere, Heddy Boubaker, Alexander Bruck, Coeval, Raul Dominguez, Richard Kamerman, Wade Matthews, Jorge Nuñez, Carlos Suarez, Rinus Van Alebeek or Valentina Vuksic, and bands like Cooloola Monster, Gora Japon, maDam or Hamburguesa Vegetal. His work has been released worldwide by many labels. As a promoter is the founder of the Club Le Larraskito and director of the Zarata Fest, both platforms in Bilbao and dedicated to the broadcast of challenging music.



Live In Data Marseille
UPLOADED: 02/22/2014

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