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Unnecessary City by Aaron Mist

Album Description

Aaron Mist

The album "Unnecessary City" is a bright debut of composer Aaron Mist.This release presents the compositions each of which is not similar to the previous one and each of which Aaron was able to endue an unique character and mood. Everything starting from thrilling action and hybrid dark atmospheres, and finishing with affecting deep motives leading away into their own worlds. This album is a kind of palette of emotions, and it is a "place" where You can find every of your feelings. From the first notes of each composition you'll see the new pictures, and experience the same emotions that had the author.


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Unnecessary City
01. Wait For Me (03:39)
02. Nuclear Ashes (03:14)
04. Burning Forest (03:44)
05. Revenge (05:15)
06. Be The Light (04:02)
08. Whales Inside (03:51)
09. Rainmaker (02:00)
10. Through the ages (05:25)

Unnecessary City by Aaron Mist is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial License.
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OPS456 on 09/16/15 at 07:07PM
I love your songs! Keep up the great work!
OPS456 on 08/14/16 at 02:27PM
Hey Aaron.
I'm not sure if this is you, but I have had some of my videos featuring your music come under Content ID. I have followed the licence that you have chosen for your music.
Let me remind you that a Creative Commons licence is irrevocable, and doing so is not only a scummy thing to do, it is also illegal.
I will be filing a dispute on YouTube, but I was just wondering if it was actually you or a scammer using your music.
Owen Spangler
chestnutbraunx on 11/14/16 at 02:13PM
OPS456 / Owen: Same here, I keep geting content IDs saying I use copyrighted material. Also disputed on YouTube but this is very annoying!
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