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  On our nation's birthday a little over two decades ago, some friends discussed the awfulness of Happy Birthday, a dirge that says nothing about the person or the day, and that carries no emotional content at all.   "That's true," said one. "I bet we could do better in
a couple of minutes." The eight lines he scrawled on a napkin became their customary birthday song for the next 20 years.    (In addition, one of the friends later founded a sports camp, and over the years thousands of campers have been brought over to the good side. They also added some moves - video here:    We feel the attached the song is more spirited, heartfelt, pointed, and funny than "Happy Birthday to You." We hope you agree, and whichever songs you choose, we thank you for your campaign to end the tyranny of the dirge!    Lyrics by A. Jones, performance by R. Gold (who was also present at the creation).  Please credit to: A.Jones/OBF.