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Lightspace01 by ANT

Album Description

After his track on the first «!Massage Auditif!» compilation (ångstrom_rec 2000),Uncontrolled environment is the outcome of his new process of composition.His electronics is a blend of organics assurances and digitals stutterings, emerging ontensions and slackenings silently poetics (lightspaceconvuls1). These compositions are alsogoing darker reacting to hostile environments and situations (lightspaceconvuls
2/3).Afterwards diving to a meditative minimalism leading on space consciousness(lightspaceconvuls 4). After neurons, Ant also demonstrates his ability to tame groove,remixing itself in a formalism eying to a broken minimal dsp techno (lighspaceconvuls 5).Ant’s exploration between manipulation of digital technology and environment resonate withsounds and process of artists like Fennesz, early Oval or Farmers Manual, in his own way.