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 ANT (1 Albums, 5 Tracks)


LOCATION:France & Spain
Ex-toulousian, actually barcelonian, Ant is a furious autonomist!?bidouilleur!?In the early 90’s Ant played in severals rock bands, especially in a punk garage one: the«!Rags!», playing guitar and drums, skiding to a neo-sixties surfcore completelyinstrumental. After some concerts with this group, Ant met in 1995 the thing that stired up hismusical
schemes: the Machine…After debuts influenced by Alec Empire’s digital hardcore, Ant is turning more and moretowards electronics on differents identities as «!gentil Koala!» or «!1040stz!». His musicgrowing parallel to his architecture studies, muting to fractured and abstract universes. Hismusical research steers him to the creation of new composition modes, searching for aninteraction between «!analogic!» and digital spaces with autonomous virtual entities. Bothgraphics and sounding, creating athmospheric environmental music where emotional densityjoins an architecture both complex and bare.Releases :- V/A Massage Auditif#1 (Angstrom LP01- 2000)- Grumo EP (Melange 2003)



Uncontrolled environment
01. ANT - Lightspace01 00:06:18
02. ANT - Lightspace02 00:05:13
03. ANT - Lightspace03 00:04:24
04. ANT - Lightspace04 00:06:11
05. ANT - Lightspace05 00:05:12