Don't Mess With the Power Child by Irwin Chusid The "Amanda" recordings have emerged as an unexpected cult sensation on…

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Power Child FMA Sampler 2010 - Album
"Banana Smoothie"From the album "Primitive Swagger."Recorded in 1987. "Carpet Burns On My Butt"Not available on any album.Recorded in 1988.Background vocals:…



Cave Bears Feb 02, 2011

see also: human skab, flaming dragons of middle earth, J&H productions, teddy fire

Fogsprig Nov 17, 2010

Of course, she's unique girl. Forget all the stereotypes about being "jokish" or "loser", Amanda was one of the lost talents from bizarre era known as 80's.

katya-oddio Nov 15, 2010

There is a brilliance there. Amanda's lack of inhibition is inspiring. Amanda makes me wish parents would encourage kids to perform and to document it. There's another thing Amanda exhibits that I really respect. When handed a mic, many little...