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AGF/Delay is a collaboration of German sound-artist and poet Antye Greie and Vladislav Delay (the artist name of renowned minimalist/maximalist Sasu Ripatti).While Greie has been producing records for Ellen Allien, Quio and others
as well as releasing 2 solo albums in 2008 ("Words are Missing" and
"Dance Floor Drachen") He has
been writing songs with Scissor Sisters and got back to jazz with his Vladislav Delay Quartet (in which he plays drums) and plays percussion
in Moritz Von Oswald's trio Mvot.
Their first full-length album ‘Explode’
was recorded 2004 in Northern Finland, with a production process
basically cut off from civilization. It gained international respect and resulted in them performing in venues like Centre de Pompidou in Paris and several electronic festivals in Europe. Ripatti was playing drums, while Greie was singing and feeding the
mixing desk. The project was also a fresh breath of air for both
producers, to be conceived as a medium in which they can write music
they would not want to, or dare to, do in their existing solo or other
projects.(via Last fm and Bpitch)

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