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Live at Bastard Theatre Fest, Burst City, Brisbane (18-VII-10) by 6majik9

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Thanks to Labyrinth City, this story didn't flow away, was kindly documented and placed at LC site. Until these days. "The first band I ever saw perform live when I moved to Brisbane in 2008 was Innig of which some members feature in 6majik9. I didn’t know what the
fuck was going on because I just walked in off the street. That night essentially ignited my interested in the Music Your Mind Will Love You/Pacific Soma label and everything that it encompasses.Set up, well, everywhere inside 6majik9 play on and on or so think the kids sitting around on the sidelines. It’s a relatively long one but I’m never bored, seated as close as I can, cross-legged and my brain melting into a puddle behind me. The set-up alone is as encompassing as the sound – there’s a whole goddamn studio worth of gear here and everything is either hit, thrown or pushed over. They could’ve gone on for another three hours – and they have before, at the Book Nook a while ago – but time’s short, the sun has set during their performance and shit I can’t feel my legs anymore. Listen to the recording whilst riding high."


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