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 2 Foot Flame (1 Albums, 9 Tracks)


LOCATION:New Zealand
ACTIVE:1995 - 1997
  • Peter Jefferies: piano/drums/vox
  • Jean Smith: guitar/vox
  • Mecca Normal
  • Nocturnal Projections
2 Foot Flame is Peter Jefferies of Nocturnal Projections with Jean Smith of Mecca Normal.According to Jean, via 2 Foot Flame's myspace page:"Peter Jefferies and I (Jean Smith) started making music in the building we lived in on Liverpool Street in Dunedin NZ. It was on a floor below where
we were living. I think Trash rehearsed there too. "We recorded with Peter's reel to reel 4 track, sharing engineering duties. Peter played drums and his electric piano with pedals. I played guitar and sang. "One day we asked Michael Morley to come over and add his guitar. This was a lot of fun. He and I played together at some point, but mostly he listened and added to what Peter and I had done... then we probably all went over to the Empire. "While Peter and Mecca Normal were on tour in Europe, we found out that Matador wanted to release the album. When it came out we did a tour in the USA -- Peter, me and Michael. I didn't play guitar. Peter did a solo set, Michael did a Gate set and when we got to Larry Crane's house in Portland, Oregon we recorded a bunch of stuff that ended up being on the second album. Peter and I recorded the other material here in Vancouver, where we were living in the Nanaimo Street penthouse. "The tours after the release of the second album (Matador) included Austin to Boston, 1997. We played at a radio station just outside of DC in the afternoon and then drove towards NYC to play at WFMU, which was still in East Orange at that time. The song in the player is from that set and it describes the band at that time. Peter was playing drums and keyboard at the same time and I was playing guitar and singing. "WFMU-MD Brian Turner figured this was one of, or maybe even 'the best' live sets ever on WFMU. Not sure why he thought that, but hey. Engineered by Irene Trudel -- Peacock Coal appeared on "Even More Live Music from WFMU" compilation. "The show after WFMU was opening for Sleater Kinney at CBGB's which was a very fun show. "Following this Peter and I played NZ and Australia (late 90s) in the same configuration and we recorded a third (unreleased) album with Michael Hill in a tiny town in NZ. I" got on a plane back to Vancouver and never saw Peter again. The last image I have of him: in the airport lounge, a few other people with us, he mouthed a silent farewell." Read more: